About Aruba Turtles

Four species of sea turtles are found nesting on Aruba:

The Leatherback, the Loggerhead, the Green and the Hawksbill.

The Loggerhead
The Green
The Hawksbill

Things you can do to help:

Lights Out for Turtles

Nighttime activities and artificial lighting may deter adult females from nesting or disorient emerging hatchlings, leading them inland where they die of dehydration or are crushed by cars. So PLEASE keep all lights off, including flashlights, flash photography and video equipment.

Do Not Drive or Litter on Beaches

Vehicles compact sand and make it difficult for turtles to dig into or out the sand. Balloons, plastic bags and other non-degradable litter can kill sea turtles who mistake it for food.

Remove Obstacles From the Beach

Obstacles such as beach furniture or recreational equipment may cause nesting females to abort their nesting attempt or may even trap nesting females or hatchlings.

Nesting Females and Hatchlings

Watch a nesting turtle from a distance. Turtles are very shy and will easily leave without nesting. leave hatchlings in their nest; they will exit the nest when they are ready. Let them crawl to the water on their own, allowing them to imprint on their home beach. If you find hatchlings confused by lights call the Aruba Turtle Hotline for advice.

Plastic bags look like the turtle’s natural food source – Jelly Fish.